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What is the LOtC Quality Badge?

The LOtC Quality badge is the only national award assessing both the quality of risk management and educational provision across all types of learning outside the classroom providers, including museums and castles, botanical gardens and city farms, theme parks and zoos, field study and adventure centres, and expeditions and study cultural tours abroad. It is recognised by the Department of Education and Welsh Government, and therefore by schools as an indication of quality.

Why apply for the LOtC Quality Badge?

The Department for Education’s guidance on Health & Safety on Educational Visits recommends that schools look for the LOtC Quality Badge when choosing external providers of educational visits.

The Outdoor Education Advisers’ Panel (OEAP) endorse the LOtC Quality Badge and most Local Authority Outdoor Education Advisers accept it in place of some or all of their checks, so reducing paperwork & admin for schools, and your own team.

Senedd Cymru endorse the advice provided by OEAP Cymru which includes using LOtC QB accredited providers.

How to apply?

  • Trampoline Parks must be a current member of The Active Indoor Leisure Association (TAILA).
  • You must have passed an accreditation by a TAILA approved inspector for compliance with the BSI PAS 5000 2017 or ISO 23659:2022 – no more than 36 months before the proposed BAPA accreditation.
  • If in possession of points above a park may apply to BAPA for trampoline park membership and pay membership and accreditation fees.

What does inspection look like?

  • A BAPA approved inspector will arrange to visit the Trampoline Park and carry out an inspection against the criteria developed by BAPA and agreed with CLOtC, OEAP and TAILA.
  • If the inspector recommends a pass, then BAPA will liaise with TAILA and CLOtC regarding certification and awarding of the LOtC Quality Badge for Trampoline Park activities.
  • The Quality Badge will only be in place if a park maintains its BAPA and TAILA membership.
  • The park will be inspected every two years in line with all LOtC accreditations carried out by BAPA on its other members, with the requirement to complete a provider declaration in the interim year. The accreditation covers all activities at a venue including catering. If you have more than just trampolines in your venue these activities will be covered by the inspection process as well.

Like all inspections it is important to be prepared and understand the inspection process. Once you have joined BAPA you will have access to supporting documents and resources that cover industry good practice for running a venue.

There are three key documents…
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The guidance for successfully achieving the LOtC Quality Badge is only available to TAILA members.
In addition, examples of assessment documents can be found in the members area, including;

• example lesson plans,
• example participation statement,
• example compliant booking form,
• example safeguarding policy

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